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ALPMA Summit: Leadership for a Peak Performance Future

Leadership for a Peak Performance Future

Plenary session as part of the ALPMA Summit 2019

Aligning organisational success with employee potential, productivity and wellbeing is at the forefront of every modern workplace. Savvy leaders in the professional services industry are embracing their innovative environment, learning how to engage their teams to thrive through change, rather than feel overwhelmed by it.

In high-pressure, continually changing and challenging environments, all staff benefit from developing superior self-leadership and self-management skills to drive their own performance, maintain wellbeing and contribute productively to their team.

Michelle will provide insights into deepening skills in self-awareness, self-leadership and self-management so managers can give staff a productivity edge. Practical examples of transformative leadership styles that maximise peak performance and utilise neuroscience illustrate the easy to implement ways to ensure employees are functioning cognitively and psychologically at their peak.

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