When audience attendees approach a speaker to say:
“I didn’t want the workshop to end” or
“This was the best workshop I’ve ever attended” or
“Wow, I finally got to hear the legend that is Michelle Bihary”
you know you have asked an exceptional speaker to be part of your event.


Michelle knows how to help unleash the potential performance of leaders and professionals in ways that make organisations thrive. Michelle works to create positive workplace ecosystems that genuinely cultivate human potential so that learning and performance are sustainable and inevitable.

As a speaker, trainer, facilitator and mentor, she applies neuroscience and emerging psychological research to ensure future organisational success is built aligned with employees’ potential and wellbeing, not at their expense.

Michelle’s approach

Michelle is a master at sharing theoretically informed, but practical solutions and strategies, that can be implemented quickly and immediately provide tangible results. Her ability to engage with people and create psychological safety within a workplace environment is her zone of genius.

Her in-depth knowledge and extensive experience, including the application of the latest advances in neuroscience and neuroplasticity, understanding psychological safety, emotional intelligence, leadership, self-leadership and workplace culture brings not just presence, but power to her work.

Michelle’s clients

She has worked with a diverse range of leading organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand. While, her keynotes and presentations have featured at national and international conferences and her advice and opinion is regularly featured in a variety of publications, such as Marie Claire, GQ Australia and Institute of Managers and Leaders.

Over the past decade, Michelle has been privileged to deliver training and facilitate powerful change to many workplaces, to over 30,000 professionals. She has shared the wisdom of many years in leadership roles in public health, running her own private health service and the practical knowledge of understanding how people create psychological and behavioural change informed by her mental health practice.

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