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Michelle works with teams to help them stay ‘above the line’, to navigate the deeply complex ways humans are challenged by living and working together. Managing collegial relationships alongside our professional roles, is not an easy gig.

What turns the dial on performance and productivity is creating the environment that ensures your workforce feels psychologically safe.  How we stay conscious and intentional about our behaviours and interactions at work is the critical difference between a toxic environment and one that soars to peak performance.

Your customers and your employees deserve to experience the best you all have to offer. Michelle ensures workplaces cultivate fertile soil for their business and their people to thrive. Michelle’s team programs ensure you have the skills and strategies to make that happen.


At work, helping teams thrive involves a complex dynamic of the psychology of humans, our brains and how our interpersonal relationships function.

This facilitated program enables teams to calibrate their behaviours to create a thriving workplace ecosystem. A high-quality workplace environment is built courageously through aligning our interactions to bring out the best in ourselves AND each other, rather than at the expense of each other.

From exploring values, psychological safety and brain science this program is engaging and fun, putting everyone in a more empowered position to function at their peak.

Michelle is informed by her extensive experience and the latest advances in neuroscience and emerging psychological research about psychological safety and workplace functioning. She draws on this incredible wisdom to create unique training and facilitated solutions to address the many interpersonal and teamwork challenges that workplaces face.


Crafting a customised program for your team is one of Michelle’s greatest strengths. As an expert facilitator she can work with you to create an engaging and enlightening program for your team, influenced by your strategic direction and desired outcomes.

As things don’t always go to plan, Michelle can be flexible and adaptive to the ongoing shifts and changes necessary and work with you on the spot to shape team work sessions for the best outcomes.


“When I first saw Michelle delivering a keynote presentation, she was such an engaging, knowledgeable and informative speaker. She understood the challenges people leaders face.

I’ve utilised Michelle's services numerous times for the senior leaders and teams I have led. Michelle has an innate ability to not only understand where the opportunities are but to tailor the information and training she delivers so it's 'fit for purpose’.

Observing the impact Michelle has had on my teams, in their personal and professional lives, has been awe-inspiring and incredibly valuable. Michelle is simply extraordinary.”

Debbie Gabreal, Senior Manager - Operations, IAG


“Thank you for a very well structured and planned workshop, well resourced, well thought out, with depth and rich input. The group also worked very well together and there was a lot of positive input, energy and support for one another. I felt blessed and nourished to be a part of it.   Thank you for your leadership and the guidance of the group, your honesty and generosity.”

Anastasia Contos, Psychologist, Managing Director PsychReach