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High performing leaders and employees are agile, adaptive and a powerhouse for your team and workplace. The skills it takes to consistently perform well and maximise our own potential does not always come naturally. We can all benefit from continually to evolve and refine these skills, as our needs change over time, especially as we move through our professional and personal journey.

There are many pathways to peak performance and Michelle leads a range of powerful, practical and engaging programs to help your leaders and employees build the necessary skills to amplify their best selves to the workplace.


How well do you lead yourself?

We all look for exceptional leadership externally but forget to be the best leaders to ourselves. Most of us have never been given a clear approach to lead ourselves well or had role models that demonstrate inspiring self-leadership.


In today’s complex workplace experiencing continual change and challenge, leaders and employees benefit from developing superior self-leadership and self-management skills to maximise their potential and to contribute productively to their team. Although familiar with the concept of leading others, leading oneself can be a game-changer.

“When people become empowered self-leaders, they’re proactive self-starters
who look for ways to make your organisation flourish.” 

Susan Fowler


The program includes deepening the skills and understanding of self- awareness, self-leadership and self-management while exploring the personal, professional and workplace ramifications of not leading or managing yourself well. The skills and strategies for increasing personal agency can be very useful for building autonomy and empowerment to manage workload and productivity. This program also explores an understanding of the brain to manage ourselves through conflict and emotional triggers.


The science and research in emotional intelligence (EI) clearly shows the power and value of EI in workplaces in terms of organisational and team success, leadership effectiveness, staff engagement and performance, culture and resilience.  

Michelle’s EI programs provide detailed knowledge and practical skills in the application of EI to workplace contexts, explores ways of enhancing the 7 skills of the Genos model of emotional intelligence.

Well-developed skills in EI assist us to manage ourselves and our interpersonal relationships, conduct ourselves and our relationships in psychologically responsible ways, be resilient, adapt to personal and professional change and maintain energy for a balanced work style.


In today’s complex world, where the workforce is experiencing continual change and challenge, leaders and employees are required to develop performance skills to maximise their potential and to contribute productively to their team.

Understanding how to optimise our own functioning, amplify our strengths and skills in all domains of professional functioning enables a practical framework, greater self-awareness.

The key skills developed in this program are vitality and energy management, adaptability through a neuroplasticity lens, harnessing our mindset and thinking styles, as well as leading with our strengths and values.

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Your customers need the best your staff have to offer.

Savvy workplaces, especially those where customer relationships are critical to your success, increasingly recognise the need for their workforce to function cognitively and psychologically at their peak.

Where there are significant stressors in leadership roles, professional services, complaints handling, customer service and health services the ‘emotional wear and tear ‘experienced by the workforce can be even more challenging.

Research indicates that employees of the 21st century need to develop a vital set of skills in order to sustain peak performance, through maintaining resilience, psychological flexibility and mental wellbeing.

At the same time, firms have an essential role in ensuring leadership practices and team culture align to create a psychologically safe and thriving workplace.

This supports performance and productivity, whilst concurrently providing the best environment for staff's mental and psychological well-being. Emotional wear and tear is draining on ourselves and our organisations. Knowing how best to manage ourselves can be incredibly liberating. This program uses neuroscience, psychological research and deep wisdom about people in order to educate you about how your mind works and what you can do to adapt it in order to achieve a fulfilling professional life.


Crafting a customised program for the professional and personal development of your workforce is one of Michelle’s greatest strengths.

Michelle has a series of over twenty modules that explore all areas of people leadership and can be shaped to meet the needs of your leaders.

As an expert facilitator she can work with you to create an engaging and enlightening program for your workforce, influenced by the current challenges of your workplace and desired learning outcomes. 


“I believe a key reason for Michelle's success is her ability to story tell and use real-life examples, ensuring that each person maximises the value from the session.

I would recommend Michelle to any business that would like to upskill their workforce with resilience and self-leadership skills to better cope in a continually evolving environment.”

 Luke Le Comte Operations

Manager IAG


“This is by far the best workshop I have attended. Michelle was so personable and knowledgeable on the subject and delivered all the information in such a relaxed manner that I didn’t want it to end and wanted to learn more from her. She is such an inspiring woman.”

SOCAP Participant


 “The Resilience Training with Michelle would have to be the best training IAG has offered. Not only has it helped in my professional life but also personal. Michelle was amazing; I could listen to her all day.”

 Karen IAG


“Michelle is amazing and very generous. She has distilled and formulated a profound framework for the growth and benefit of others. So great to attend professional development which is positive, motivational and different to any that I have been to before.”

 Participant Self Leadership 3 May 2018


“WOW amazing, to be honest I went in there thinking, here we go!!!! And walked out a changed person with self-worth. Words alone could not express how grateful I am for the training. Thank you for a life changing gift.”

 Doris, IAG