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Creating a culture that embraces engagement in professional and personal development gives your workplace a competitive edge while investing wisely in your people.

Understanding ways to support workplace-based learning through building your leaders’ skills in facilitating professional development, adult learning and cultivating a learning culture, progresses the daily opportunities for ongoing growth and development.

Michelle has developed specialised programs for a broad range of professions and professional associations looking to build the learning and development skills embedded in every day work practices.

In all of her work, Michelle brings together her wisdom of more than 30 years’ experience in leadership and mentoring roles, neuroscience, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, resilience, mental health, and coaching.


Mentoring provides a unique opportunity for your people to learn from the wisdom of experience. Mentoring is less about telling people what to do and more about mentors being the facilitator of reflective learning, which is far more successful as a strategy for sustainable growth and deeply embedded learning.

Research shows that both mentors and mentees gain immensely from the mentoring experience. Based in frameworks of adult learning, stages and style of learning, this program empowers your workplace to capitalise on daily opportunities for skill and insight development.

 Mentoring relationships provide a one-on-one thinking partner for leaders and professionals who have demanding schedules and complex decisions to make. Closing the gap between where you are and where you want to be is where Michelle comes in: questioning, strategising and empowering you to develop and implement a strategy for success.


Specifically designed for professions such as health and coaching professionals, Michelle provides a solid theoretical basis alongside a comprehensive set of practical frameworks to guide supervision practice. It emphasises ways to build an engaging supervisory relationship, informed by values, self- awareness, emotional intelligence ensuring a psychologically safe space where learning can flourish.

The practical skill building opportunities include understanding the key functions of supervision, how to enable clear learning goals and develop a process for contracting and review. Application of adult learning principles, learning styles and developmental stages helps supervisors understand the nuances of supporting their supervisee’s learning. Delineating supervision and other workplace processes, like line management, EAP and debriefing help clarify the way supervision fits in most effectively within the organisational context.

The program enhances the supervisor’s ability to use a broad range of interventions from being a facilitator through to providing content knowledge expertise.


Crafting a customised program for the professional and personal development of your workforce is one of Michelle’s greatest strengths.

As an expert facilitator she can work with you to create an engaging and enlightening program for your workforce, influenced by the current challenges of your workplace and desired learning outcomes. 


“Thank you for the fantastic training last week. People have come away feeling inspired and very positive. A great way for us to start our work on our mentoring & professional supervision program. Everyone has said that they are able to see how valuable this program is, and how useful it is for there to be a separation between line management and the mentoring and professional supervision program. Goal kicked!“  

Siobhan Newman Quality and Integration Manager

Darebin Community Health



“On behalf of the North West Mental Health OT leadership group and myself, I would like to thank you a truly inspiring day last week. I particularly want to acknowledge your professional generosity and robust knowledge base.”

 Kate Lhuede OT Advisor
Royal Melbourne Hospital & North West Mental Health Service