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The best leaders contribute to the success and wellbeing of the workplace, through their emotional intelligence and presence, amplifying the performance, creativity, innovation and engagement of your people.

Employees function most effectively, when they work in an environment that supports them cognitively and psychologically. Leaders who understand how to create and sustain an empowering and positive leadership culture are invaluable. They are amplifiers to your organisational success.

Michelle has created a robust leadership framework which synthesises contemporary leadership theories, with practical wisdom and influenced by models of emotional intelligence and the latest brain research. It provides leaders with profound leadership development that begins with understanding how they lead themselves.

“You can’t lead others, if you can’t lead yourself”

In order to overcome the considerable challenges of the modern workplace, leaders need tools to navigate their way through, and Michelle’s programs take them through deeper self-awareness in order to understand how best to manage their people within psychologically safe, mentally healthy, productive and positive work environment.


Crafting a customised program for your leadership development is one of Michelle’s greatest strengths. Michelle has developed a series of over twenty modules that can be tailored to the needs of your leaders, that explore all areas of people and organisational leadership.

 As an expert facilitator Michelle can work with you to create an engaging and enlightening program for your leaders, influenced by your current challenges, your strategic direction and desired learning outcomes. 


“I feel compelled to make contact and let you know how much our 2 team leaders enjoyed the Leadership Training day... which is fabulous in itself... but what I notice is even more fabulous. Quite extraordinary. Thank you.”

Jenni Richardson

National Helpline and Programs Manager



Thank you for a wonderful two day training, I’ve taken away so much to use in my professional and personal life.Thank you for so openly sharing your wisdom. I have attended a lot of leadership training, but your approach resonated with me most. You made it very practical and real. Not just a theory that needs to be applied. I cannot thank you enough!”


Aneesa Kathrada, Senior Advisor OT

Dept of Ed, Training and Employment Qld


“Michelle is an inspiring influencer. The training in Leadership was invaluable, highly recommend this to others. Michelle delivers information that has strong theoretical frameworks in a very practical way, with immediate take home strategies. I took so much away with me that will forever influence how I lead myself and lead others. Thank you!”

Heidi Bortfield OTManager